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Oh, just a list.....

last edit: 20 October 2013


for posterity and my own personal reminder.


This list is NOT intended to cause harm or any sort of distress on the individuals contained herein. However, if it somehow (although highly unlikely) contributes to a significant decrease in their sales, unfortunately that is not my problem and I do not have a moral responsibility in ensuring a writer's financial success.


No bullying here, folks, move along.



Anne Rice

no further comment necessary


R Malone 

negative reviews = jealous unpublished people, plus other attacks


Rob Thurman

don't you get it, you have to buy my book on Tuesday and I don't care if you have surgery. also, screenshots just in case


Susan Firtik

due to condescending comments plus proof it was written by her


Theodore Beale aka Vox Day

for being a racist piece of shittery. screenshots of verbal diarrhea here and here.