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[REBLOG] Mess with the BookLikes, you get the Dawid

Reblogged from Heartless Lyn @ Great Imaginations:

Okay, I'm reblogging this from a user who reblogged it from a user who reblogged it from a.......... well. You get the point. I don't know WHO originally copied the screenshot and wrote the post but I wish I did so I could at least give proper credit.




Well thanks to Silver Thistle, I managed to find out the original poster:






Reblogged content:



The subject is crap but Dawid's comment makes it awesome so you have to see it.


AnHeC managed to make it on STGRB's brand spanking new BookLike's Sidebar of Popularity for no reason other than her Friends list.


Dawid's comment deserves All The Likes:


 dawid comment




I can't express how relieved I am that someone gives a damn about our safety on this site. I am honestly choked up with emotions because this site honestly wants us to be safe.


I wish I had known about this site sooner.