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It's not safe to be a book reviewer

You don't know what kind of lunatics you might cross. If you look at her book page, you'll see this author doesn't even have reviews that personally attack her.


What is she smoking? Why are you so obsessed in finding out one teeny tiny human being who gave your book one star????


Who cares if this reviewer is using someone else's picture, or is actually who she says she is except using a fake name, or if she's a timetraveller come all the way from 1962 Planet Mars??


I use a picture of Dean Winchester, and God only knows if I'm really Jensen Ackles. Does that matter?? I'm not stealing someone's social security or credit card details. I'm not stalking some 20-something Asian girl with malicious intent. I just want to review God-damn books.


Who's the real stalker? Who's the real danger? Who's the real creep in this scenario?? Seriously.


article --> http://bit.ly/1sYsAS6

review in question --> https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/640892161

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/oct/18/am-i-being-catfished-an-author-confronts-her-number-one-online-critic

Pet Peeves: Gary Stus

I recently finished reading Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini and it inspired me to write a piece on one of the world of literature's most common blueprint: the perfect male love interest.


Basically, a Gary Stu.


if anyone's interested, you can read more at my blog.

Source: http://elfswood.blogspot.com/2014/09/pet-peeves-gary-stu.html

People will turn a blind eye if you're eyecandy

As if it isn't bad enough just reading about stalkers, abusive relationships, and dangerous men being glorified just because they're hot, something like this goes and happens out there in the real world.



He may or may not be a perfect gentleman, but he is a convicted felon with gang history (and that eyedrop tatt would imply that he actually killed a human being before). But no, come all let's donate to get him out on bail because he's super dreamy.

I don't think you know what a "review" is....

From this little gem of an author (emphasis mine):


That is what bullies do. One can give an honest review as to why they did not care of a particular book- it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. They do not have to make it personal nor do they have to go on and on and on in a rant. There is a difference in a professional review and an unprofessional review. The professional review simply states, I read the book- I did or did not care for it- The unprofessional review has to attack the author, the characters and the story line. It becomes character assassination of the author.



erm... wuttt?


I'm sorry that your life is so tiny you feel the need to live vicariously through your characters... which is the only explanation why you would feel insulted when I insult your fictional characters.


If I am NOT expanding on the problems I had with the characters and story line (ie. what fucking MAKES a novel) .... then what am I SUPPOSED to be critiquing on?





Get a clue, woman.


......I'M ON IT!


And it looks so promising.


Anyone else on the site?? ADD ME BITCHEZZZ

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The truth about the Friend Zone

Source: http://imgur.com/a/RmAjE

Created by: http://mamamantis.tumblr.com/


Oh God Why

So I'm spring cleaning the fuck out of my attic, and came across boxes and boxes filled with old stories I'd written back in my childhood and teenage years.


Needless to say, I went down to revisit my younger "creative writing" years, and am too embarrassed to crawl out.



Sailor Moon


Last updated: 12 November 2013

updated for: links


I remember almost two decades ago when I used to sit in front of the telly and watch the awesomeness that was Sailor Moon. The anime remains one of my favourites of all times; I played the games when it was out on SNES (yes I am that old), but shamefully, I've never read a single chapter of the manga.





It's about time I remedy that... so I've got myself the re-release and will be posting chapter reviews on my absolutely new tumblr page (more reasons to post sailor senshi fan art!!)


I is excited.



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Negative reviews: NOT an insult to your intelligence

also posted at elfswood


Is it just me, or does it seem like every time you write a negative review of a book, someone somewhere is going to take offence at it?

Maybe it's my writing style, as sometimes when a book riles me up enough, I tend to let the bad words fly and bitter sarcasm show. And more often than not, especially amongst my more popular reviews posted at goodreads, I'm going to end up insulting someone.

So this little post is just to clear up once and for all: my opinion of a book do not reflect my opinion of the people who like (or dis-like) it, and it is never ever in a million years my intention to give the impression that it does.


I'm fairly certain this is also true for all the other reviews out there written by other readers/reviewers/bloggers. So at the same time, this post is also a call for fellow readers to not take reviews personally. If there are reviews that attack readers personally (and I'm sure there may be a smattering of those around), then my advice is: do not feed the troll.

But this also opens up an interesting question: Why do we tend to get offended, or maybe slightly irked, when someone happens to absolutely loathe your favourite book?

Maybe answering these questions can help us understand, and later completely shrug off -- or even come to enjoy -- negative reviews of books we love.

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Oh, just a list.....

last edit: 20 October 2013


for posterity and my own personal reminder.


This list is NOT intended to cause harm or any sort of distress on the individuals contained herein. However, if it somehow (although highly unlikely) contributes to a significant decrease in their sales, unfortunately that is not my problem and I do not have a moral responsibility in ensuring a writer's financial success.


No bullying here, folks, move along.


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Book Review: The Exorcist

The Exorcist - William Peter Blatty

The Exorcist 

by William Peter Blatty

full review posted at my blog



For a book titled The Exorcist, there wasn't much exorcism happening.

There are two ways in which I appreciate this piece of work: as a horror novel intended purely to thrill, and as a finer piece of literature that is able to satisfy all elements of plot, character and conflict, and tie up all loose ends.


In short, I enjoyed this novel as a cheap thrill. It really did manage to spook me out, and the descriptions were vivid enough to make me cringe.


But I was not pleased at the resolution. Our "Exorcist" the novel was named after only made an appearance at the beginning and the end of the novel.

The ending was abrupt, and what was supposed to be a great big sacrifice only ended up seeming like a lazy way to conclude things.

[REBLOG] Mess with the BookLikes, you get the Dawid

Reblogged from Heartless Lyn @ Great Imaginations:

Okay, I'm reblogging this from a user who reblogged it from a user who reblogged it from a.......... well. You get the point. I don't know WHO originally copied the screenshot and wrote the post but I wish I did so I could at least give proper credit.




Well thanks to Silver Thistle, I managed to find out the original poster:






Reblogged content:



The subject is crap but Dawid's comment makes it awesome so you have to see it.


AnHeC managed to make it on STGRB's brand spanking new BookLike's Sidebar of Popularity for no reason other than her Friends list.


Dawid's comment deserves All The Likes:


 dawid comment




I can't express how relieved I am that someone gives a damn about our safety on this site. I am honestly choked up with emotions because this site honestly wants us to be safe.


I wish I had known about this site sooner. 

In response to all the pro-Goodreads-new-policy

I know y'all are probably tired of this by now, but I'm the type of person who itches at a debate. So many people out there, not being as immersed in the Goodread's community as its more avid users, are under the impression that bullying is actually a thing that happens there.... and I had to chime in with my own two cents.

I'm a terrible blogger

......because I'm simply choked full of work pretty much ALL the time, which is why I've decided to open up guest posting and co-blogging options over at my blog. Also have a number of ebooks for guest reviewers as my pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger. *sigh


BookLikes Community Guidelines

Reblogged from BookLikes:

Yes, I am happy with these guidelines.


Book Likes, I have a feeling this might be the beginning of a beauuuutiful relationship.







We're happy to see so many avid readers, authors, reviewers - all new members on BookLikes. We hope you'll feel comfy here and that you'll find BookLikes engaging and enjoyable.


We've prepared several points that will help you in discovering and exploring BookLikes. Here are some of our hints and guidelines:


 Each BookLikes member receives personal webpage with Blog, Shelf, Timeline which can be edited and personalized in particular tabs in Settings and Customization tab

Read more in post Your Blog on BookLikes - Custom-Made


Each BookLikes member is administrator and has access to admin mode of his/her webpage and Dashboard once he/she signs up and then logs into service. Public view of webpage is available with individual address yourusername.booklikes.com. You can also use your own domain with no fees. 


Dashboard is a place where you see writings and bookshelf updates of people you follow. 

Read more in post Dashboard - A Place Where All Bookish Things Happen.


BookLikes Community can be found on Explore page. Blogs are put into categories. You can edit and change your categories in Settings/Blog.

Read more in post Let's Explore More & Tags and Comments Updates.


You can publish review, text, photo, video, URL of your choice and complement it with a book/books (up to 10). Inspiring and well written reviews are always encouraged, welcome and may be promoted


You can create posts and publish them on your webpage, however, if BookLikes members find it assaulting or violating they can block the user who might be removed from Follower list. This means that the person with inappropriate texts might receive lower priority and may not be presented in Explore page where we present BookLikes Community. 

Read more in post Followers, Book Blog Directory Reminder & Import Updates.


No text, review or any other post will be removed from personal webpage. Inappropriate and assaulting texts can be hidden from BookLikes Community Dashboard but will stay on personal public blog. Remember that opinions in posts are those of the post's author and not BookLikes.com.


Comments under posts can be moderated by author of the post. Author of the post can delete comments if he/she finds comment inappropriate.

Read more in post Comments Open For All & Add Shelf in Book Pop Up.


You can import books from Goodreads (export your library to csv file), LibraryThing (export your library to csv file), Lovely Books and Lubimy czytać in Settings/Import. You can also sync your Goodreads account with your BookLikes profile - then books and reviews published on BL will be also visible on GR.

Read more in post BookLikes -> Goodreads Synchronization.


BookLikes Team releases new feature once a week every Thursday.  All updates and news can be followed on BookLikes Blog and our social media. If you have any questions, requests, suggestions or concerns, just mail us. We're open to new ideas and appreciate all the feedback.



We're happy to welcome so many new book lovers on our site.


BookLikes Team hopes that the service will stay a positive, friendly and respectful place for people who love reading books and discussing them. We all hope you'll help us in creating unique space for avid readers, reviewers, writers, all book lovers and members of book world. 


BookLikes Welcomes New Book Lovers :-) And now let's start reading.

What is this ... Book ...... Likes ..?


Okay I am still hopelessly lost.


ALTHOUGH I do like the tumblr-for-books concept.


I shall dedicate some hefty hours trying to navigate through this BookLikes once I have more time.


In the mean time..... Ranting on Goodreads new policy over at my blog just to get that load off my chest.